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Freefall Has Arrived!

I  am very excited to announce that freefall, my second novel with Musa Publishing, has just been released.  As I write this, I am gazing at the two dozen red roses my husband gave me—not for the release, but for our anniversary. It would seem after all these years, he still likes me!

Yes, I am a romantic at heart, and that’s why I love writing romance novels; but not just any romance novels, novels with gripping stories that give you lots of suspense and intrigue with a good deal of spice mixed in—novels that explore our relationships with family, friends, and lovers.

With that being said, I’d love to introduce you to freefall, the book I always wanted to write. The inspiration came from my husband’s part ownership in an aircraft repair shop in Wisconsin, and our many trips to beautiful Door County. Of course the characters and the action in freefall are purely fictitious! As a side note, for those readers who enjoyed heartbeats, FBI special agent Drake McGuire, makes a return in freefall to assist my current hero, DEA agent Everett Larsen, when things get a little dicey during an investigation.

Freefall is available from in all download formats.  It is also currently available at and soon at all major e-book retailers.  To learn more about freefall, read an excerpt, and see the buy links, please click HERE.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy reading!

Copyright © 2012 by Susan Rae

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