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Tasty Tuesday–Easter Bread (calzone) with Susan Rae and the DeLuca Family

Tasty Tuesday— I recently had the chance to share this recipe on the Musa Publishing blog.  I thought I would repost it here for my followers to enjoy!

The DeLuca’s are the strong Italian cop family in my novel, heartbeats. Like most Italian matriarchs, Mama DeLuca is an excellent cook.  Easter Bread is just one of her specialties.  Easter bread is actually a special family size calzone that is called Easter Bread because it is baked and served mainly at Easter.  This takes a bit of time to put together, but it is well worth it.  The aroma alone while it is baking will make your mouth water. Enjoy!    Want to know more about the DeLucas?  Please check it out at or

(I have seen a couple of different versions of Easter Bread recipes, but this is the old family recipe that my husband’s Read more…

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