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Susan Rae Final TRUE blue Cover for Amazon

    May, 2014—Book #3 in the Deluca Family Series!

   TRUE blue


  Five Star Reviews for TRUE blue!

…The author brought to life realistic characters and relationships while building a case that will leave you wondering who the murderer is until the very end. Her description of the world in which the investigation takes place is incredibly realistic. The story was highly interesting and continued to move forward at the perfect pace….
As I got to the end of this book and had to put it down to get some sleep, I found I spent the entire night dreaming about the book. It really hooked me in.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a crime novel that is an easy and intriguing read.–
Misty Murphy

Cold Case Comes Alive!

The third installment of Susan Rae’s DeLuca Family Series is a fast paced novel with enough drama to keep me reading late into the night. Ms. Rae is a master of creating tension among the characters that I came to know and like…

The plot threads in this story are excellent – just enough to keep the reader wondering what the connections are and still full of surprises at every turn, all the way till the end. Though this is a third in the series, Ms. Rae does a masterful job linking it to ICE blue via characters Angela DeLuca and Troy Deavers, who only play minor roles in this novel, which can stand on its own. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to read the other two books in the series.

I can’t wait to read more from Susan Rae – she’s got this genre wired!Greg Lamb, author


“…Besides the ability to create an interesting and ongoing dynamic family, Rae weaves in other issues skillfully–the death of a fellow cop, trouble in a marriage, deceit and an old flame back in town. The writing was terrific and the plot was intriguing and suspenseful. Rae masterfully deceives the reader into thinking that she knows who-dunnit but the reader will be deliciously surprised at the end. Great attention to detail, action scenes that are very tense, and a fast-paced investigation makes True Blue one of those reads that you’ll stay up late for. A four star book!!” — Cindi,  Mammasez 


This is a terrific book. The suspense keeps you on your toes. The tension between Joe and his wife is palpable and adds to the fuel and the mystery when solved will shock you. — Books are Love


 I do not know which I enjoyed more, the mystery or the love story. The love story was so real life, with a great outcome–Judy  


Sometimes we must revisit the past to embrace our future.

Twenty-four years ago, the murder of a Chicago police officer changed Joey DeLuca’s life.  He lost his best friend and first love, Meghan McConnell, when her mother whisked her out of town.  Now, on the eve of another officer’s death, Meghan is back and about to step into his life again.

There is very little gray in Joey’s line of work as a Lt. Detective–it is either black or white, right or wrong. But Meghan’s insistence on finding answers to her father’s murder threatens those beliefs and throws his marriage to CPD Detective Andi, his career, and the entire DeLuca family in jeopardy when new revelations come to light.

Can Joey save his marriage, solve the murder, and keep his family together all at the same time?

The third book in the DeLuca Family Series, TRUE blue can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. 

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5 Star Reviews for Book 2 in the DeLuca Family Series!Susan Rae ICE blue Final Cover to Amazon

5 Stars!– “ICE Blue is a wonderful weaving of love that blooms amid the sad problems of poor people being exploited by ruthless powerful money seekers. Well done.” — Alberta, Manic Readers

5 Stars! —Fast Paced – Cold Drama — “Aptly titled, ‘Ice Blue’ is an action packed page turning mystery thriller with a steamy romance thrown in to keep things interesting..Rae is my hero for placing the human trafficking issue in the United States at the forefront of good fiction. James Patterson can stand aside as I can’t wait to read the third volume of the DeLuca series when it comes out next year.”Gregory S. Lamb, PDX Author

5 Stars!  —Don’t let the fact that it’s the second in a series detract you. This book fully stands on its own. I loved Angela and Troy. Ms. Rae weaves a story that sticks with you.”  –Brianna Soloski

“…great Romantic Suspense!”  —Cami Hensley,  My Addiction is Reading

“With her well developed characters, Susan keeps you glued to the pages.”   –Susan  Peck,  My Cozie Corner

 “…this romance,thriller was something that took hold of your heart as you read.”  –Beth Cutwright, Beth Art From The Heart


The weather outside may be frightful,  but the heat is rising between Chicago Fire Paramedic Angela DeLuca and ICE Special Agent Troy Deavers.

Born into a Chicago cop family, while her brothers get their rush from catching bad guys, Angela gets hers from saving lives.  A tough beauty with a heart perhaps too big, she champions the underdog because, as the youngest of six siblings, she often felt like one.

Troy became a cop to prove he wasn’t like his father—a southern politician who brought his family down with greed and corruption. He doesn’t suffer victims well.  At first intrigued by Angela’s passion, Troy soon fears that the fire in Angela’s heart will be her undoing.

What happens when Troy falls in love with the lovely but infuriating Angela who insists on protecting a young witness and her unborn baby—a witness who could break his case wide open?

If you haven’t met the DeLuca’s yet from heartbeats, get to know them in ICE blue.


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heartbeats: DeLuca Family #1

Four Stars!–Romantic Times Magazine

Final Heartbeats cover 2“A terrific tale of romantic intrigue, with characters who are intelligent, skilled professionals and to whom we can easily relate.”— Marilyn Weigel,  RTM

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Love makes your heart race, but passion can kill…

Dr. Elizabeth Iverson’s career is on track–she’s just landed a prestigious position as a cardiologist at a renowned cardiac care center in Chicago.  Meeting her former lover, Drake McGuire at an alumni banquet where she is the keynote speaker is decidedly disconcerting, but she vows to put him out of her mind–she can’t, won’t let him stir up her life now!  Her plans for a quiet, controlled life are shattered, though, when she discovers her one-time college roommate stabbed to death in her apartment.  When Drake shows up on her doorstep with the cops, he sparks a storm in her heart that further threatens to destroy the life she’s managed to create for herself and her daughter, Allison.

Although known for getting his man, dark, explosive Drake McGuire’s maverick ways have earned him a forced vacation from his FBI post.  Returning to Chicago, he is amused to find “love ’em and leave ’em” Elizabeth’s life plan on track.  But her seemingly innocent amber eyes and quiet smile twist at his heart, fueling a desire to make those amber eyes smolder, those heart-shaped lips once more cry out his name in passion–even as his instinct for self-preservation screams at him to run the other way.  When it seems Elizabeth might have been the intended target for murder, he can’t help himself as he is compelled to protect both her and her precocious daughter.

heartbeatsAn RWA Golden Heart Finalist for Best Romantic Suspense!

Best First Book–First Coast Romance Writers!

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More Sizzling Suspense from Susan Rae

freefall final cover to amazon 8_2015

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4.5 Stars!

Susan Rae pens another masterful suspense, with twists and turns to keep things running smoothly…If you’re a fan of suspense, I highly suggest checking out Susan Rae’s books.–nikki, Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More

An excellent read I was really touched by the story, it seemed so real, Susan Rae wrote a creative plot with great character development…This one had great twist and turns!–ana, The Adventures Within

4 Stars

…the story immediately took off and I was hooked. I chose to read this book because I love a good romantic suspense. This book had both the suspense and romance. I definitely could compare this to a Sandra Brown type book…I would recommend this book to all lovers of romantic suspense. The mystery plot is something new to me. I have not read it in other romantic suspense books. I liked the newness of that whole idea. I would give this book 4 stars as it got me hooked and kept me reading to the end. —Dalene, A Date With a Book

…Ms. Rae has done a marvellous job of writing this novel that had everything a
romantic suspense novel should have — action, adventure, plenty of romance and a heap of suspense. Well done to this author.– The Romance Studio

freefall is a suspensful, mystery romance where Kate’s brother is in a coma after surviving a plane accident…or was it murder. The author, Susan Rae pens the story with well written plot with good character development. I found it to be an entertaining story that all romance mystery/suspense fans will like.– My Cozie Corner Book Reviews

Great book!  I’d like to learn more after the book of the lives of the characters in the story…This story has you guessing throughout the book.  The characters are complex and well written. –Toby Helton, Forget the Housework, I’m Reading
This was a mystery romance read and I truthfully enjoyed the book very much.  Character development was spot on as was the pace of the writing and action. I  pretty much had the villain picked out before the halfway mark, but there were other characters who threw in a surprise of their own along the way.   Somewhat typical of romance novels, I wanted to shake some sense into Kate Reynolds and Everett Larson for not being honest with each other and keeping pertinent information to themselves.   That didn’t stop their animal magnetism for one another .   Definitely an adult read as the physical aspect of a couple scenes was very steamy and sizzled  my socks off!– Beth Cutwright, Beth Art From the Heart 


Everett held her tightly, aware of the violent beating of his heart.  He felt as if he was falling—freefalling through 15,000 feet—without a parachute.  It was exciting, thrilling—and deadly.  He’d brought Kate up here to protect her, to keep her out of trouble.  He’d told himself he owed that much to Keith.  Now all he wanted to do was take her down into the cabin and ravage her ’til dawn…

Freak accident or attempted murder?  Kate Reynolds’s quest to unravel the mystery of her brother’s plane crash throws her into the turbulent wake of suave pilot/mechanic Everett Larsen.   His penetrating gray gaze ignites in her a passion as powerful as a jet stream, but it also sparks a memory—one she can’t quite reel in.  A bitter divorce has taught her to trust no man, so how can she trust Larsen?

Drawn by a cryptic message Keith left on his answering machine the day before his crash, Everett “Spike” Larsen flies to Milwaukee for answers, but he is unprepared for the assault of emotion he feels when he comes face to face with Kate.  After the death of his wife, he thought himself no longer capable of such emotion.  He is afraid to give into his feelings for Kate—afraid to love again.  But when Kate insists on helping out at her brother’s aircraft repair shop and gets too close to the truth, he is even more afraid to lose her.

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