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Great Reviews for the DeLuca Series!

“Once again, Susan Rae delivers a riveting, suspenseful romantic drama with strong, smart characters, dynamic interaction and plot elements and a pace that flows quite smoothly…This series is written in such a way that the reader quickly become cynical and trusts no one. Everyone is suspect & it’s exciting to be on the edge of your seat, not knowing the “who” of it all.” — Book Junkies Reviews (CLICK to read the entire review)

“Susan Rae does an amazing job of writing suspense and mystery followed with love and growth…If you are looking for mystery all three books are jam packed with mysteriousness! Oh and did I mention that we have sexy cops in this book! Yes we do! Not just cops but special FBI agents, detectives on the Chicago police squad oh and ICE agents! YUMMY!!
I have to say I was up late into the night to read all three very wonderful love stories and very perfectly woven mysteries!
Great job Susan Rae I loved every bit of these books!”– Book Hangover Page

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Great Reviews for TRUE blue!

Five Stars!

“…The author brought to life realistic characters and relationships while building a case that will leave you wondering who the murderer is until the very end. Her description of the world in which the investigation takes place is incredibly realistic. The story was highly interesting and continued to move forward at the perfect pace….
As I got to the end of this book and had to put it down to get some sleep, I found I spent the entire night dreaming about the book. It really hooked me in.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a crime novel that is an easy and intriguing read.”
Misty Murphy, Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

 “This is a terrific book. The suspense keeps you on your toes. The tension between Joe and his wife is palpable and adds to the fuel and the mystery when solved will shock you.” — Books are Love

I truly enjoyed reading this story. It has so much, mystery, action, adventure and romance…Though the romance of this story isn’t as heavy as most of the books that we usually review, it does have such a sweet reconnecting of a husband and wife kind of romance to it.” — Adri, Sarah Says Read Romance

“I do not know which I enjoyed more, the mystery or the love story. The love story was so real life, with a great outcome.” –Judy


“Cold Case Comes Alive!”

“The third installment of Susan Rae’s DeLuca Family Series is a fast paced novel with enough drama to keep me reading late into the night. Ms. Rae is a master of creating tension among the characters that I came to know and like. Joey DeLuca is a detective with a strong sense of dedication to his job and family. His wife Andrea is also on the force. What happens in the first chapters will challenge the love and dedication the couple have for one another.

“TRUE blue opens with action and tragedy that coincidentally conjures up a cold case. When fellow detective, Mark Beattie is run down at the scene of a crime, the past comes to life with the recollections of another detective, Sean McConnell, who was murdered twenty-four years earlier. Megan McConnell was just a girl when her father was killed. She and her mother had disappeared to Arizona to get away from the tragedy, but when Megan’s mother dies, she returns to Chicago where family secrets come to the surface. The drama and tension between Joey and Andrea mount as Joey becomes more involved in working with Megan to discover the missing evidence needed to find the killer.

“The plot threads in this story are excellent – just enough to keep the reader wondering what the connections are and still full of surprises at every turn, all the way till the end. Though this is a third in the series, Ms. Rae does a masterful job linking it to ICE blue via characters Angela DeLuca and Troy Deavers, who only play minor roles in this novel, which can stand on its own. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to read the other two books in the series.

“I can’t wait to read more from Susan Rae – she’s got this genre wired!”–Greg Lamb, Author


“…to be read in one breath, full of twists and turns, a perfect blend of mystery and romance.”

“Meghan McConnell was the first love of Lieutenant Joey DeLuca. When they were teenagers she was forced to leave abruptly, her father was killed and she went with her mother to move to Arizona. After 24 years she backs to Chicago and  enlists the help of Joey to solve the case of her father. This will create tension between him and his wife Andi: he has always told her everything, any problems on the job and now has to hide why is dating his old girlfriend. Joey will also find the murderess of his colleague. 

It is really a great novel, well written and very realistic characters. Meghan is a woman haunted by the ghosts of the past, will be able to finally live her life if she has the answers about the death of her father. Andi is a very good mother policewoman and is very in love with her ​​husband, she is tormented by the fear of losing him seeing him work closely with his childhood friend. Joey is a man devoted to his work and very much in love with his wife, has a huge dilemma: on the one hand must be fair with Andi, but the other feels the need to do his job and help an old friend in trouble. The rest of the family DeLuca  is a framework in a sublime way. It’s a book truly compelling, intriguing, to be read in one breath, full of twists and turns, a perfect blend of mystery and romance.”
 “A must read for those who love romantic suspense.” — LibriAmoriMiei                                                            

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The Reviews are coming in fast and furious for ICE blue!

5 Stars!– “ICE Blue is a wonderful weaving of love that blooms amid the sad problems of poor people being exploited by ruthless powerful money seekers. Well done.” — Alberta, Manic Readers
5 Stars! — Fast Paced – Cold Drama” — Gregory S. Lamb,  PDX Author
Aptly titled, “Ice Blue” is an action packed page turning mystery thriller with a steamy romance thrown in to keep things interesting. Susan Rea drops the reader right into the middle of the action with tension and suspense that builds and builds.
Rae tackles an important theme and uncovers the ugliness of human trafficking in this story that takes place during a Chicago winter… When Angela finds an abandoned baby on her doorstep, the mystery of where it came from begins.
I really enjoyed the tension between all of Rae’s characters, but I especially appreciated the courage this author took to expose an important issue plaguing our society. Rea is my hero for placing the human trafficking issue in the United States at the forefront of good fiction. James Patterson can stand aside as I can’t wait to read the third volume of the DeLuca series when it comes out next year.

“…great Romantic Suspense!” —Cami Hensley,  My Addiction is Reading

Catching up with the DeLuca family again in this non-stop suspense novel. I loved the fact that Susan Rae is able to bring so much life to the characters. As a reader, I really felt like I was invested in what was happening to them. There are a lot of supporting characters who add something extra, but don’t overshadow the main characters like in some series. They give enough for you to want to read about their lives in the future but don’t take away from the heart of this installment.

The romance aspect was well done and balanced out well with the Suspense. The plot was well developed and I felt like it flowed nicely. Overall great Romantic Suspense!


4 Stars!  “With her well developed characters, Susan keeps you glued to the pages.” –Susan  Peck,  My Cozie Corner

Ice Blue is the second book in the ‘DeLuca Family’ Series. Susan pens her book in a well written plot filled with suspense and romance, this was one book that I never knew what was going to happen…


Four Winks!  (aka 4 Stars) “…this romance, thriller was something that took hold of your heart as you read.”  –Beth Cutwright, Beth Art from the Heart                                                                               

Angela was soft hearted and cared about people.   A previous patient had gifted her a puppy who also played a somewhat major role in the story and I have a fondness for puppies and babies myself.   It is book two in a series , but you don’t have to read #1 to get totally into this second of the series!    It can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone.

Rae’s characters were well defined and it was easy to follow the flow of the writing and the speed of the tale…

I’d rate this book as four winks/very close to losing sleep over!!


4 stars I got hooked from the very beginning.” — Anna Reese, My Pathway to Books 

Romantic suspense definitely describes this novel. I never knew what was going to happen next whether it be with Angela and Troy’s love life or their actual lives. I was hooked from the very beginning especially when Angela finds the baby on her
doorstep. I mean, where did this baby come from? Troy and Angela have to team up to in order to figure out the mystery behind the baby and all of the immigrant’s
issues that have been happening in their city even if they are placing
themselves in danger.

I really enjoyed  this novel and I would recommend it to everyone.

MUSA Publishing   Barnes & Nobles Nook

To read more about ICE blue, click HERE.

Great Reviews for Freefall!

4.5 Stars!

Susan Rae pens another masterful suspense, with twists and turns to keep things running smoothly…If you’re a fan of suspense, I highly suggest checking out Susan Rae’s books.–nikki, Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More

An excellent read I was really touched by the story, it seemed so real, Susan Rae wrote a creative plot with great character development…This one had great twist and turns!–ana, The Adventures Within

4 Stars!

…the story immediately took off and I was hooked. I chose to read this book because I love a good romantic suspense. This book had both the suspense and romance. I definitely could compare this to a Sandra Brown type book…I would recommend this book to all lovers of romantic suspense. The mystery plot is something new to me. I have not read it in other romantic suspense books. I liked the newness of that whole idea. I would give this book 4 stars as it got me hooked and kept me reading to the end. —Dalene, A Date With a Book 

Free Fall is a suspensful, mystery romance where Kate’s brother is in a coma after surviving a plane accident…or was it murder. The author, Susan Rae pens the story with well written plot with good character development. I found it to be an entertaining story that all romance mystery/suspense fans will like.– My Cozie Corner Book Reviews

And more great reviews!

Susan Rae’s writing style is defined by a beautiful and yet simplistic writing style that combines with intriguing and compelling characters with a fast-paced and thrilling plot that is bound to leave readers turning the pages faster and faster until the very end.–Taking it One Page at a Time

What a perfect book to read in the summer! Romantic and suspenseful, freefall is a story about a woman whose brother is now in a coma after surviving a terrible plane accident. Or was it an accident?…I truly enjoyed reading freefall by Susan Rae. The characters and the plot made for a nice, fast read. The romance was perfect and the suspense wasn’t to dark or scary.Dani, Paulette’s Papers

Great book!  I’d like to learn more after the book of the lives of the characters in the story…This story has you guessing throughout the book.  The characters are complex and well written.Toby Helton, Forget the Housework, I’m ReadingRead the full Review!

This was a mystery romance read and I truthfully enjoyed the book very much.  Character development was spot on as was the pace of the writing and action. I  pretty much had the villain picked out before the halfway mark, but there were other characters who threw in a surprise of their own along the way.   Somewhat typical of romance novels, I wanted to shake some sense into Kate Reynolds and Everett Larson for not being honest with each other and keeping pertinent information to themselves.   That didn’t stop their animal magnetism for one another .   Definitely an adult read as the physical aspect of a couple scenes was very steamy and sizzled  my socks off! Beth Cutwright, Beth Art From the Heart

Some Great Reviews for Heartbeats!

Ms. Rae did an excellent job of presenting several plausible suspects who would
want to target Elizabeth…I enjoyed reading heartbeats. The pacing is great and the mystery is plotted very well. Anyone looking for a thrilling romantic suspense should give heartbeats a try. — Long and Short Reviews 
This is a first I have read from Susan Rae and have to say I was quite amazed by her talent and the suspense in the book…Passion, romance and man tons of suspense in Elizabeth’s life rocks this book. I was like turning the page wanting to know who was after Elizabeth and man it will surprise you in the end. Heartbeats is definitely a book that is worth buying for it has everything a reader will want, romance, passion, suspense and two people finally getting their happily ever after.
—-  Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More    Click HERE for full review!
fabulous police procedural romance —  HEARTBEATS is a fabulous police procedural romance starring two likable protagonists whose hearts beat as one. However, the key to this fine thriller is the villain as clues are provided by Susan Rae yet like the cops choosing who did it remains difficult. …fans of romantic suspense will want to read this tense tale. 
                                                                 — Harriet Klausner
Thrilling and steamy —  heartbeats will grab you from the first word! Blending murder mystery, police procedural, and second-chance romance, Ms. Rae has written a novel which will have you rooting for Elizabeth and Drake and guessing at the evil behind the threats on their lives.
                                                                 — The Bibliophilic Book Blog 
A “heartpounding” Read  — Susan Rae’s debut novel, heartbeats, is a heart-pounding romantic suspense. Set in the Windy City, her tale takes the reader on a page-turning ride.Dr. Elizabeth Iverson and FBI Special Agent Drake McGuire are strong, driven characters, who have a steamy history. A shocking murder pushes them back together after six years apart, and the sparks do fly.

Rae has done an outstanding job of combining plot, characters, setting, and good writing to result in a good read. If you like romantic suspense, you will love heartbeats. In my book, that makes it a “keeper.”–C.W. Wantz Upon A Time Reviews 

I bought heartbeats because I’ve met the author and wanted to read her first book. I started reading it over Thanksgiving vacation and had the worst time putting it down! I made my sisters watch my kids so I could finish it.This is a mix of romance and suspense, which I like. The mystery is strong, not secondary to the romance. I didn’t figure it out until the end. The issues confronting the hero and the heroine are also real. They actually have problems to resolve, not just a series of misunderstandings to keep them apart.If you like romantic suspense, you’ll enjoy this book. Just make sure you set aside plenty of time so you can read it from start to finish.

 heartbeats,May 30, 2012

Star (Owings Mills, MD USA)
This review is from: Heartbeats (Kindle Edition)

Dr. Elizabeth Iverson and Agent Drake McGuire collide again when Elizabeth’s best friend, Julie, was murdered in the apartment they were sharing as Julie was working on her 3rd divorce.Thankfully Elizabeth’s daughter, Allison, wasn’t home. Soon Elizabeth and Drake realize that Julie was never the target – Elizabeth is the focus of a murderous and psychotic rage. Now it’s up to Drake, Elizabeth, and the local cops to figure out who is after her before it’s too late and Elizabeth loses everything she loves – including her life.

Thrilling and steamy, heartbeats will grab you from the first word! Blending murder mystery, police procedural, and second-chance romance, Ms. Rae has written a novel which will have you rooting for Elizabeth and Drake and guessing at the evil behind the threats on their lives.


 Worth reading!,April 15, 2011

Lal (Montreal, QC Canada)

Heartbeats. I started reading this the 16th of March and finished it the 31st of March and it was such an enjoyment pour moi [to read].

Susan Rae REALLY knows how to wrote a really good Suspense/Romance novel.

Dr.Elizabeth Iverson and Detective Drake McGuire both think after their erotic redez-vous six years ago would be a thing of the past and of their brief history together, but as you read on you’ll see that it’s not quite how they assumed. They both realize that they CAN’T do everything themselves and they they’re not the braniacs that they thought they were in their jobs.

Allison Iverson is so funny and cute sounds like a sweet nature kid; she reminded me a lot of myself as a kid too.:-) (If only MORE kids were like her and me.)
Lady Detective Andi DeLuca is very compassionate and protective of Drake and Elizabeth. Detective Patrick O’Reilly was a real crooked cop who only does cases for the money and is full of ignorances; also is a prying and gossip type person as well.

Overall this book is wonderful, compelling, dramatic, insightful, suspenseful, and romantic in between.

Worth reading!

6 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I just read ICE Blue last week, while I was extremely sick. I stayed in bed all day, and wanted something to do, I pulled out this book and could not put it down. It was fast paced, exciting and fun! I plan to go back and read book 1 and 3 now! Thank you for an enjoyable read. I also love stories that have family involved from other books, so this is a nice touch. Thank you.


    • Lolly,
      I am so glad you enjoyed ICE blue! Thanks for the great review. I have been working diligently on book #3 in the DeLuca series, TRUE blue, and am happy to report it is coming along well. It is due out in e-book on May 16th. The writing is daunting sometimes, though, so it’s so nice after a hard day’s work to open up my email and see such a nice review from a fan. I hope you have a great holiday,


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