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ICE blue–Passion as well as suspense–Here’s a tease.


I hope you all had a great Easter.  Now, after all that family time, you might want to indulge in a little pleasure reading.  Here’s a tease from my new release.  Enjoy!  And, if you leave a comment at the end of this post, you’ll be automatically entered into my contest running through Friday, April 5th to win an ICE blue mug AND a free e-B00k of heartbeats or freefall.  Your choice!  Both received excellent reviews.

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EXCERPT:  ICE blue  by Susan Rae

“More wine?”

She’d finished her glass and set it down on the table.

“No, thank you. It’s getting late and I have to be up early. I’m taking on an extra shift tomorrow.” She slid her chair back. He stood and came around the table to help her.

“I’ll drive you home. Then I’ll grab a cab and come back and retrieve my own car.”

“Really, that’s not necessary.”

“But, given the wine we drank…as a matter of fact, maybe we both should take a cab.”

She tested her bearings as she rose. She knew her limits and she was definitely not drunk. If she was, she wouldn’t think twice about calling a cab. She’d seen far too often the results of drinking and driving.

“Trust me, I’m fine.” She met his gaze straight on.

“All right,” he said at last, “but I’m taking a rain check.”

Her pulse throbbed in her neck at the look in his eyes. It was a challenge. Where did they go from here? Read more…

ICE blue’s Release Day. Yes! And with that, One More Word (okay, more than one) on Insistent Characters.


It’s ICE blue’s release day.  Before I get down to business, I just want to say, in celebration, I’m giving away another ICE blue coffee mug!  Leave a comment at the end of this post and you will automatically be entered into the drawing.  If you’re a writer, please tell us about your most insistent character, the one that wouldn’t let go of you until you wrote their story.  If you’re a wanna be author, tell us about the character that keeps nagging you to get to it.  Or readers, please tell us about your favorite character from your favorite author.  You have until Friday, April 5th to enter.  Good Luck!  For more info on ICE Blue, including the first chapter please click here.

Perfect for curling up with your coffee and your e-reader!

Perfect for curling up with your coffee and your e-reader!

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Now, about those insistent characters…  I think it’s safe to say all of us authors have them.  It’s the red haired girl with the freckles who crosses the street and suddenly we’re developing a whole story around her in our head, or the pregnant checker at the grocery store who looks definitely frazzled, or, for romantic suspense writers, the guy in the airport who looks sophisticated and sexy all at the same time, and looks like he’s on a mission.  Or it can be the character who starts to take form when we read a newspaper article and it sparks a story idea and we try to think of the character or characters who will bring the story to life.

Yes, the author can have many characters inhabiting her head at one time.  In most circles, we would be considered not quite right if we told people about them.  But in writer’s circles…  Let me just say, I did a program at the local library recently for young adults and I asked them if they were authors.  Most weren’t sure, but I explained that indeed they were all authors because they had already written a book for the young authors program that all students from their school participated in.  One girl in particular took it even further, though, telling me she had a couple of ideas for some other stories, that the characters were in her head and she just needed to figure out where she was going with them and get them down on paper.  I looked at her and smiled.  Yes, that is an author. I welcomed her into the fold and told her that as an author, I totally understood. Read more…

The ICE Man is Coming–or What Happens When Characters Insist On Having Their Stories Told


I am thrilled to announce the March 29th release of my new novel, DeLuca Family 2– ICE blue. Only fourteen days away, it is now available for preorder direct from my e-publisher, Musa Publishing. In honor of the occasion, I am giving away an ICE blue coffee mug.  Leave a comment at the end of this post and you will be automatically entered into the drawing!  You have until ICE blue’s release date to enter.       MUSA BUY LINK


So, what’s the story behind ICE blue you ask?   Before the TV series Blue Bloods, there was my novel, heartbeats, a romantic suspense tale involving The DeLucas, a Chicago Cop Family. Before Chicago Fire, there were one-hundred and fifty pages of heartbeats’ sequel, ICE blue (working title, The Fire Within.) I had the idea for ICE blue when heartbeats came out originally in paperback.  So why so long before its release?  All I can say is that sometimes when life (and death) happens, the writing doesn’t come so easily.

Before heartbeats release and barely seven months after my father passed away from cancer, my mother was diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer.  Through multiple surgeries, including a triple heart bypass, chemo and radiation treatments, I was her primary caregiver and support person. During that time I would try to work on the manuscript, but eventually, as she became sicker, it grew more difficult to concentrate on the writing.  Having already lost one parent, I knew that spending time with her was more important than sitting at my computer writing, especially when it became apparent that she would eventually succumb to the disease. Read more…

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