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Interview with Kate and Everett from Freefall

Freefall is now available from and on!   On the eve of it’s release, Kate and Everett were interviewed on the Musa Blog.  I’m reposting here for my fans to enjoy!

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Thank you both for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Susan Rae chose you to represent her?
Everett: Honestly? She had a golf date. She said something about a league she was in. She’ll probably drop by later, though; I believe she’s off the course by noon. Then I’m heading out there!
Kate: She also said she’d already done her job and now it was up to us to tell our story.
Well, that makes sense. Why don’t we start by you telling us a little about yourselves?
Kate: Not much to tell, really. I’m a computer geek, I guess. I own my own software design company in San Francisco. I’m

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