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About my publisher, Musa Publishing

Many people have asked me why I have chosen to go with an e-pub for the release of Freefall.  Good question!

First: I was very impressed with their upfront, full-disclosure attitude–their contract is published right on their site for all to see!

Second: I heard from fellow authors how supportive Musa is with their authors, from the creative end, through the book formatting, and especially into the promotion.  The directors at Musa believe in helping to build an author’s career.  I have to say, those fellow authors are right!  I get great support from the Musa family.

Third, why an e-pub?  Because I truly believe that the future of publishing is already here in e-publication.  I see people everywhere reading on their ipads or nooks or kindles.  They tell me how easy it is to read on them, and to get another book when they’re done with that one.

Fourth:  Musa is into acquiring some really good books!

So, there you have it!  To read more about Musa Publishing, please click HERE.

And, happy reading!

Susan Rae

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