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Hello world!

Welcome to my new WordPress Blog/Web site!  I am very excited to start this new adventure.  With this new site, I hope to be able to keep in better touch with fans and fellow writers.  It will be easier for me to post instant updates on the status of my books on this site, give some insight into the creative process, and perhaps a window into the writing life itself.

I have to admit, I came into this whole blog thing with a bit of hesitation. All the instant info available in cyberspace now is almost debilitating.  I like writing.  I like writing novels.  I like sitting at my desk, at the computer, by myself, uninterrupted as I plug away at a scene or two.  But, I’m not truly by myself, and I’m not really sitting at the computer–I’m in a world with characters who are busy living interesting and hopefully exciting lives in settings which are sometimes idylic, sometimes frightening as the storyline requires.  When the writing is going well, sometimes the husband will come home and I look up and realize it is 6pm already and I’ve written the entire day away.  Okay, it doesn’t happen that often, but sometimes… Read more…

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